A Wintery Photography Portrait Session With my Sister

Out of the blue, inspiration can strike. Winter had arrived in Maine with an icy chill, with the wind nipping my bare skin every time I left my house for a walk. As I stared at the glittering snow, I had the most exciting idea for a photo session. I was thinking about a portrait session that captured the elegance and beauty of the snowy world that Maine experienced for at least five months of the year. 

I called up my sister, who was coming to visit in the combining weeks. I passed the idea by her and asked if she wanted to be my model. As the most amazing sister she is, she agreed.

On the day of the shoot, we drove over to a wintery park in Orono, Maine. A biting wind casted itself across the river as ice chunks slowly moved with the current. We tromped through the snow by the spiny backdrop of some trees that were just in front of the chilly waters, with the church steeple of the Methodist church rising up over the college town's horizon. 

This day was COLD. It was the kind of cold that made your face turn pink and your fingers go numb. My sister was dressed in a formal, black dress with only a thin, knit shawl to warm her against the elements. 

I captured photos for the next 10-15 minutes, my bare fingers turning numb as I kept clicking the shutter on my camera. 

This wintery photography session turned out beautifully. 


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