The Smith Family | Lifestyle Photography Session

My heart is swooning over this family photography session. Why? Well, it's not as often that I have the opportunity to snap photos of people as I'm often away on the weekends doing wedding videography.

These two and their little man met me at the Bangor City Forest. One of the entrances is tucked away right on the outskirts of Bangor. As you drive along the bumpy dirt road, a tall, grassy hill rises up, still clinging onto it's greenery before the first snow of the year. Beyond it, tall pines build a treeline, revealing the acres of trails that I frequently walk.

We times this photography session to align with the setting, late autumn sun and it didn't disappoint us. With a chill in the air, the golden sun began to set across the horizon as the family posed for photos. Children can often be unpredictable for photos, but this little boy was all smiles. As soon as they put him down on the ground, he was off running like a rocket through the grassy terrain, giggling micheviously as he tried his hardest to evade his parents.

I could not stop clicking the shutter button on my camera. The happy energy was contagious and I was grinning from ear to ear. I hardly suggested any prompts because this family had it all down.

It was the simple things that made this session so heartwarming, such as their little boy running and giggling. His eyes twinkled in the light from the setting sun of golden hour. Mom and dad would sneak a kiss on the side of his cheek and the look on his face was priceless!

The couple even recreated their piggy back ride picture taken a year ago and steal a few romantic kisses. This moment was a blast!

I am incredibly thankful and honored when someone ask me to photograph them. Maine is a beautiful place, but the people are even more amazing. Everybody has a story, but these sessions give us a chance to slow down and enjoy the things that matter the most to us. I also love having an opportunity to capture a still image. It makes me appreciate both videography and photography even more.


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